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Open Sim Mondays

Dear Mischief Managed Member or Observer,

We are happy to let you know that each Monday the sim will open it's doors for the mighty audience. Everyone will be free to walk around the castle and the buildings we have and they can also get a taste of roleplaying.

Rules and expectations for the open Mondays:

~For visitors~

-Scripts under 100.
-Appropriate, casual clothing.
-No nudity, weapons or alcohol.
-We want you to wear the Observer tag all the time when you are here if you are not an accepted member yet. (You can get the titler by clicking on one of the several posters around the landing point.)
-Please do not interrupt the RP going on, once you are an accepted member, you can join the story.
-Please respect the privacy of our members, if you enter a scene which should stay private, the members have the right to ask you to leave.
-You are more than welcome to take photos on your visit.

~For members~

-It might happen that we will have to face trolls, whenever you see someone breaking the rules, please let an admin know about it ASAP.
-Wear your Mischief Managed RP group tag
-Please follow our rules, treat visitors with kindness and patience as you are representing our community.
-If you are about to have a scene and don't want an observer to be present, you can ask them to leave or get out from the hearing radius.
-Invite your friends to look around, this is a great time to have some fun with them in the sim.

We hope you will have a great time in our sim!

Best wishes,
~The Mischief Managed Staff

So today we have officially founded the Quidditch Department of the Mischief Managed RP. We have the Quidditch system on the pitch up and working, and ready to be used thankfully to Sir Admin Elidon Byron:)

Alumnia Autumn (Alumnia Resident) took up the role to organize it OOCly, while her alt, Professor Célestine de Poésy shall lead the activities related to anything flying and Quidditch in- and outside the school ICly.

Our plans for the near near future:

  • Releasing an application form for Quidditch captains
  • Video tutorials about playing with the system, including basics and position introductions
  • Holding OOC trainings and friendly matches to make people familiar with Quidditch
  • Once captains picked, working with them, we shall set up house teams
  • After a satisfying progress of trainings, starting an official, IC season for Quidditch
  • A series of equipment reviews on this blog to make your Quidditch experience in SL better and better:)
We hope you got some buzz about dusting off your broom and head to the pitch:)

Best wishes,

Founder's Week is Upon Us.

It's a time to reflect upon the past, and look to the future.

What is in store for you students this week? Well, I'm glad you asked.
It's a time to unite and learn more about the wonderful houses that make Hogwarts so unique. It's a week pack full of reminiscing upon the founder's of the great houses, and their ideals for founding each house, and in turn, we also look at what's ahead for each student once they leave Hogwarts. From fun experiences, to tests, and meeting with influential Hogwarts alumni, this is an action packed week you will not want to miss.


Monday Day 1. 2pmsl and 7pmsl
A full school assembly, regaling tales of the 4 founders. A Feast of the most delightful foods. And a good old sing song!

Tuesday Day 2. Ravenclaw Day. The maze. 2pmsl and 7pmsl
Intelligence....creativity....wisdom, all shall be tested. 
Test your intellect and chance your mind inside the maze of Ravenclaw. Are you smarter than the average birdie? Dare you take the riddle challenge and drink the unidentified potions?

Wednesday Day 3. Slytherin Day. Duelling in the dark! 2pmsl and 7pmsl
Test yourself and your duelling skills because when the lights go out, no one can hear you scream! Survive the dark, using all your determination and cunning...will you make it out in one piece?

Thursday Day 4. Gryffindor Day. The corridor of horrors!2pmsl and 7pmsl 
Brave....courageous....daring, let out the lion in you, or succumb to the horrors which await! Behind each door is a test of nerve, each more challenging than the next.

Friday Day 5 Hufflepuff. Wizard verse Food. 2pmsl and 7pmsl
And if you survive all the above, surely it must be time for some grub! Why not sit back and eat! Enjoy as much as you can but beware, all is not what it seems! Once the scoffing is done....there's bound to be some hard work to come.

Saturday Day 6. Alumni day. Throughout the day. 
Visiting alumni will give talks retelling tales from days gone by. Offering advice on how to achieve your dreams may they be as a world class Quidditch player or a millionaire business tycoon.

Sunday Day 7. The Grand Finale. Throughout the day. 
Enjoy a day of house unity with some light hearted inter house competitions: duelling, broom races and potion brewing. Create and bury a time capsule for your house.
And of course and grand end of week feast.

Join the fun at Mischief Managed

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