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Hello member of Mischief Managed,
You might have noticed that we we gathered in the Great Hall yesterday for an IC mandatory assembly. However we understand that some of you could not attend (RL always goes first) and therefore, we have put the story together so you know what's going on in the school you RP at.

The clocktower begins to strike the hour. A witch of impeccable promptness, Eponina Hawthorne, stands from her high-backed chair and clears her throat to speak to all students who were seated on their house tables.
    The usual is being reeled off: O.W.L- and N.E.W.T exams are up, Quidditch season is around the corner, and they are making preparations for the upcoming Valentines dance. Though she is also reminding Students to be wary of the weather, as the blizzard remains to be quite nasty. Exit the castle at your own risk.
    The feast of food begins and everybody is happily munching on away. Suddenly a Slytherin boy deems it necessary to bring out a toast to the new Headmistress and... he spills the pumpkin juice all over her! Eponina is raging. She gets mad and just completely blows up at this boy. Is this the true face of our new Headmistress, or was she just not having a good day? The Headmistress storms out of the Great Hall. Weird...

The Great Hall bustles with merriment! Everyone's eating, laughing, and... well, the only thing going wrong was that the Headmistress just stormed out! ...Right?
    "BOOM." Some students turn their heads in recognition of the sounds they had just heard. They could have sworn that they felt the table vibrate, and the ground as well! "BOOM." No, this time they knew for sure that they had both heard and felt something. What was it...? It sure sounded like... something big was coming into the direction of the Great Hall!
"RROOOOOAARHHHHH!!" the loud sounds of a immense, green Troll enter the Great Hall. The creature comes in, screaming and yelling, and attacks students!Havoc and chaos follows! Most are of course, scared.
    Lead by our own History of Magic Professor Oreyn Fox, the students began attacking him. Unfortunately two students got injured in this attack, but with the help of our Professor they were able to immobilize the Troll, and levitate him out of harms way!

Rumours say that the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures came to the school... But the Headmistress has not said one word! Suspicious!

We hope you had fun if you attended, and if not, that you can attend next time! We have a lot more in store for you guys.

See you next time!
Mischief Managed RPD Department


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