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Quidditch Department Sweep Off!

So today we have officially founded the Quidditch Department of the Mischief Managed RP. We have the Quidditch system on the pitch up and working, and ready to be used thankfully to Sir Admin Elidon Byron:)

Alumnia Autumn (Alumnia Resident) took up the role to organize it OOCly, while her alt, Professor Célestine de Poésy shall lead the activities related to anything flying and Quidditch in- and outside the school ICly.

Our plans for the near near future:

  • Releasing an application form for Quidditch captains
  • Video tutorials about playing with the system, including basics and position introductions
  • Holding OOC trainings and friendly matches to make people familiar with Quidditch
  • Once captains picked, working with them, we shall set up house teams
  • After a satisfying progress of trainings, starting an official, IC season for Quidditch
  • A series of equipment reviews on this blog to make your Quidditch experience in SL better and better:)
We hope you got some buzz about dusting off your broom and head to the pitch:)

Best wishes,


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