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Open Sim Mondays

Dear Mischief Managed Member or Observer,

We are happy to let you know that each Monday the sim will open it's doors for the mighty audience. Everyone will be free to walk around the castle and the buildings we have and they can also get a taste of roleplaying.

Rules and expectations for the open Mondays:

~For visitors~

-Scripts under 100.
-Appropriate, casual clothing.
-No nudity, weapons or alcohol.
-We want you to wear the Observer tag all the time when you are here if you are not an accepted member yet. (You can get the titler by clicking on one of the several posters around the landing point.)
-Please do not interrupt the RP going on, once you are an accepted member, you can join the story.
-Please respect the privacy of our members, if you enter a scene which should stay private, the members have the right to ask you to leave.
-You are more than welcome to take photos on your visit.

~For members~

-It might happen that we will have to face trolls, whenever you see someone breaking the rules, please let an admin know about it ASAP.
-Wear your Mischief Managed RP group tag
-Please follow our rules, treat visitors with kindness and patience as you are representing our community.
-If you are about to have a scene and don't want an observer to be present, you can ask them to leave or get out from the hearing radius.
-Invite your friends to look around, this is a great time to have some fun with them in the sim.

We hope you will have a great time in our sim!

Best wishes,
~The Mischief Managed Staff


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