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So you decided, your character wishes to take part in a try out, play with friends or just give it a try but not sure how the whole thing is going on?

Here is a quick checklist for you to get prepared!

  • First of all, get a broom! Don't worry, you don't have to splurge on the best scripted, best modelled one on the Grid, there are also good freebies. For beginners I would recommend this freebie by Tashiana Ziplon.
  • Dress up your avatar in the best low script outfit you can. Detach pygmy puffs and flexi hairs, wear decent clothes Sweaters, sneakers, jeans, just anything common sense, I don't want to see anyone in a bikini or in skirts on a broom, Hogwarts is not that kind of school. Remember to keep it low script, no resizer, no unneeded HUDs. Mesh clothing and hair is recommended for playing Quidditch.
  • Get to the Quidditch Pitch with your character, full of courage, full of hope!
  • Watch this tutorial for covering the basics of how you can play with the system:

  • Keep on training and return to this blog often to get informed about the season news!
Good luck!

~Alumnia Autumn,
Head of the Quidditch Department


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