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Hello there everybody! In this special blogpost we will be discussing and giving tips to those who are new to Second Life. As many of you might know an article about our RP-sim has been featured at a popular site called Mugglenet. Because of this we have been getting a lot of applications from people who are entirely new to Second Life. Of course, we feel obligated to help these people out, since we were the ones who brought them here; to this strange virtual world! We hope that you, as a newbie to Second Life, won't get scared off by the interfaces of our viewers, and that you will soon feel at home at our beautiful sim. Before you read any of this, be sure to have read the information and rules section at our Mischief Managed website.

The instuctions given are based on the viewer 'Firestorm'. Although you can find most of the options in Second Life's original viewer as well, it would be good for you to download this viewer. Many people use this viewer and it is, according to Linden Labs itself, one of the top-viewers of Second Life. You can download it here: Download Firestorm.

What does this word mean?

  • Sim: What is a sim? When people use the word "sim" they mostly mean a land, server or region. For example, Mischief Managed is located on the "expecto" sim. Though if you teleport to a store, this store may be located on the "Blueberry Mountain" sim.
  • Teleport: A lot of times you will be seeing the word "TP" or rather, "Teleport". In Second Life this means, by clicking any button that says teleport, that you will be brought to another sim or location.
  • AO: An AO, or "Animation Overrider" is a wearable script that you can buy. It changes the way in which your avatar walks, stands, sits, flies, everything. Every movement your avatar makes, it is controlled by the AO!
  • Prim: A prim, or "primitive", is a single-part object. Prims can be cars, houses, jewelery and even hair in Second Life. Objects made from prims are mostly created in-world by using the object editing tool.
  • Sculpt: Clothing, hair, shoes, anything can be sculpt. Sculpts can be moved around by using the building tools (rightclick>edit). Sculpted prims can be used to create more complex, organic shapes (in 3D programs) that were not previously possible with the Second Life prim system.
  • Flexi: You can make a prim flexible by using that feature in the object building tool. By setting a prim to flexible it flexes, or looks like it's blowing with the wind.
  • Mesh: Since 2010 we are able to use "mesh" in Second Life. This can be clothing, hair, shoes, furniture - anything! Mesh is, nowadays, the most commonly used thing in Second Life. The advantages of mesh in opposite to prim or sculpt is that "rigged" mesh moves with the body of your avatar, and therefore doesn't poke through your shoulder as you walk or move.

Did you know that...?
  • You can press ALT, click your mouse button and drag to cam around?
  • You can choose a "Sky Setting". A few skyskettings will help to make your avatar look better, without those lines near the mouth and so on! Just click on "Sky" (which is located beneath "Build") and choose the skysetting "CalWL". Or have a look, and see what else this feature has to offer!
  • You can teleport by copy/pasting an "SLurl" into your local chat box. Try it! Copy this url: and paste it into your local chat box. Then click it, and hit teleport!
  • You can change your display name and your profile. Rightclick on your avatar and choose "Profile". You're now at your profile, where you can fill in anything you want. Most people, in roleplay, make a pick about their character with some basic information about them. Do you see a button with a wrench on your profile? Click that, and you'll be able to change your display name.
  • You can set your home-location to somewhere. You can set your at our sim at the Mischief Managed landing point. Not all sims allow this. You can click "World" at the top and choose "Set home to here". As you might have noticed, above that it also says "Teleport home", and you can, from now on, TP home anytime you want, and as easy as possible.

Local chat etiquette in Mischief Managed/roleplay:

  • You can find a list of roleplay rules and etiquette here on our Mischief Managed website.
  • Use "/me" to indicate your characters name when you type out a post (this will only work if your display name is the name of your character) For example, your characters name is "Stephen Appledinglets": /me sat down on the table of the Great Hall and reached out to a goblet of pumpkin juice. This will become: Stephen Appledinglets sat down on the table of the Great Hall and reached out to a goblet of pumpkin juice. You can do the same if you wear a "rp chatter" which you can get for free at the landing area of our Mischief Managed sim. It's located between the two suitcases with free uniforms. Set your name by typing "/33 name Stephen Appledinglets" in local chat, after you've found the RP chatter in your inventory and have clicked "wear" or "add". After that, you're set and you will be able to type "/4" instead of "/me" with the same result, except green.
  • If you didn't get the free RP-chatter at out landing area yet, you could get it for this step as well. Because that free suitcase also contains a free "Titler". You can use this titler by locating it in your inventory and rightclicking "wear" or "add". After that, you can type, for example, "/34 title white Stephen Appledinglets", and the name will appear above your head. You can also type "yellow", "red", "green" or "blue" instead of "white", indicating your characters house.
  • Please remember when you are roleplaying to keep your OOC chatter to IMs. If you absolutely need to say something oocly then use the ooc channel on the chatter by typing "/33 I need to be afk for 5 mins, BRB", or by using brackets ((I need to be afk for 5 mins, BRB)). It is common courtsey to other RPers around you.
Well, that was it for today but we hope you enjoyed reading this, and more importantly, that you learned a thing or two about Second Life and our RP-sim. We are very glad to have you, and we hope you will come to feel at home like we do! Oh and, tune in next time because we're not completely done yet! Hahaaaa, you thought we would let you off the hook without explaining things about that good old inventory of ours? Nope! Next time it's going to be alllll about your inventory and how to deal with it.

If you have any questions, you can contact one of the following people (by typing their name in the SL search engine):
Elisaokkbye Resident
Naminaeko Resident
Lhirya Resident
Adele Bumblefoot

Sheen Borkotron


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