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Professor Addison's funeral

It's been a tough week at Hogwarts: school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Professor Addison had been last seen giving a class on her usual subject, Mythology, and was never seen to leave the classroom. Rumours say that they saw Headmistress Hawthorne leave the classroom that exact same day: but opinions are devided. Sure, the Headmistress might be a mean person at first sight... but is that all there is to her?
Professor Nettlebane set all students of Hogwarts on the task of finding Professor Addison. A young Ravenclaw girl called Mariette had found her, and warned the Slytherin Head of House. She was at the scene just moments after, and what they found... was horrifying. Professor Addison was found dead nearby the lake: it was a sad moment for who were there.

Just two days later, Hogwarts decided that it would only be right for the woman to have her funeral at Hogwarts itself. Many gathered here, in memorial of Amelia Addison - as well as the Headmistress. After a spectaculair entrance of apparating directly into the Great Hall, she walked towards the casket. She seemed to be crying, and bent over the casket as well. Everyone thought that for the first time, this woman was showing some compassion... but nothing was less true.
"Addison was a... Professor of ..." the Headmistress spoke, many noticing that she couldn't say a single thing about the woman that she considered good. She coughed, "Skill." A few other, meaningless words were spoken until the Headmistress called out to the new Astronomy Professor Wenthworth. He seemed nervous above all, and gave another quick speech that consisted mostly of stuttering.

"Anyone anything else to say?" the Headmistress asked, her eyes on the crowd of students. Everyone shook their heads, except for a 6th year Hufflepuff girl named Pepper. Out of all houses, this Hufflepuff seemed to have most courage of all. Who would ever dare to stand next to Headmistress Hawthorne, and speak infront of a school with hundreds of students? The girls' speech was touching to say at least, and at the end, she raised her wand, and lit it with light in memorial of the Professor. Many students followed her example, and within a few seconds the entire Great Hall was lit by almost everyone's wands.

But then the unpredictable happened: an earshattering wail could be heard all around the school. Professors jumped up in anxiety, as well as all of the students. Many say that the scream of a Banshee could kill: but thank Merlin's great, great beard that everyone survived the mysterious coming of this creature. "Go away foul creature!" the Headmistress yelled to the figure of a woman dressed in white, with hair that covered most of her terrifying face. "You are not welcome here!"  Screams followed. Screams of students, begging the Headmistress to do something. Many students' ears began bleeding because of the shrieks that the Banshee let out, and some even collapsed and weren't able to recover at that moment.

The Headmistress, however, seemed to be pooping her pants in anxiety for the creature. She didn't seem like she knew what she was doing. "This creature killed Professor Addison!" was one of her most apparent phrases that night. What an accusation, wasn't it? And... was it true?

The student who had screamed the loudest that something had to be done, was to all odds in a Ravenclaw. And it wasn't only words, because just about when the Banshee wanted to let out another one of her shrieks, Joseph snook behind her and broke her neck. The creature was left immobilized, dead.


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