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How to really start?

Welcome everyone new and old at Mischief Managed. After our article on Mugglenet many of you have joined Second Life but you don't exactly know how to start? Here is a quick guidelist to help you get started!

  1. Join Second Life! Register, download the client of your choice and log in! If you are completely new, make sure to do the orientation at the starting point to make sure you are familiar with the Second Life interface and how to move around.
  2. Get to the Platform 9 3/4 at our sim! You are doing great, you are just a train away from the castle:) Please consider, that if you are here, you can't enter the castle grounds yet until you are not accepted to the roleplay. To get accepted, check out the next step.
  3. Fill out an online application for the roleplay. Get to our website >>> Main >>> Applications >>> Pick and application of your choice. Once you are done with it and sent it, an ALO (Acceptance Letter Owl) coworker will review it and within maximum of 3 days you will be contacted. We have ALOs from all around the world who are constantly checking on the database for new applications to review. (UPDATE: Please consider, now because of the big mass of new people applying, reviewing and giving a response to an application might take up to 5 days. Thank you for your understanding, our owls are really busy to help you all getting in the shortest time possible!:) )
  4. If you don't have uniform already, grab a free one by the luggages and put your uniform together. For ladies, you can get a freebie black flat here! If you add currency to your account, you can also shop for clothing at the stalls on the platform, or you can also visit shops for more options.
  5. Be patient till you are being contacted by an ALO. Learn a bit about Second Life, discover blogs about SL, socialize, explore! There you can get the best article I know about to help you in the beginning. It clarifies a lot of things and helps you to grab some free goodies for your avatar.
  6. Once you are accepted, you are ready to go to the castle grounds and begin your story:)

I hope you found this article usefull and we are very excited to welcome you in our community:)

Alumnia Autumn
~Head of the Public Relations Department


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