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Snails in the eerie air

If you haven't been paying attention the last couple of weeks at Hogwarts, you've missed quite a lot. After the Banshee attack, and after several students were sent to recover in the hospital wing, Hogwarts seemed to be shifting back to normal. People were going to classes, still a bit shocked about what had happened at Professor Addison's funeral, but as it was supposed to be: they continued on with their lives.
About a week ago, however, one of the students deemed it necessary (and most of all funny) to dump an entire container of slugs onto the school grounds. There were about 60-100 orange, poisonous snails roaming the grounds at first, but within only a few hours those few snails multiplied in number. The entire school was infested with these creatures, creatures which were eating away at drapes, clothes, robes, shoes - everything they came in contact with! The Department of Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures was informed, but they were busy tending to a lake full of hostile Hinkypunks and couldn't make it to Hogwarts until the end of the weekend. Or that was what they said...

The Ministry still hasn't arrived to the school to take the creatures away, and everyone is wondering why. The only way to get these things out of sight is to put on a pair of dragon-hide gloves, pick them up, and put them into a glass cage. Of course, it is impossible to catch all of these snails, but everyone should do what they can. We need the Department of Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures to get rid of these horrible, poisonous creatures, right now! We can't have more people walking around with that incredibly contagious rash. 
As if this wasn't enough, Hogwarts suddenly changed entirely. Yesterday, everyone woke up to see that all of the snow surrounding Hogwarts had suddenly and mysteriously melted. An eerie mist had replaced it, leaving everything dark at all times. All day and night, a weird feeling surrounds the school and the inside of it. The snails aren't making it any better, but it seems like we've got more to deal with right now... All of the owls that are send to family members or anyone else outside of Hogwarts are returned. The owls seem disorientated, confused and bewildered. The mail they have tried to deliver was nowhere to be found - is all post and communication cut off from Hogwarts...?


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